School YearAthleteAwards
2022-2023Cassidy Boes3rd Team

Molly MainHonorable  Mention 

Erika MassieHonorable Mention 

Cassidy BoesAll Academic
2021-2022Paige Massie1st Team 

Lenci Rodriguez3rd Team 

Breanna ChambersHonorable Mention 

Tori BestHonorable Mention 

Tori BestAll Academic 

Breanna ChambersAll Academic 

Nevaeh Emerich All Academic
2020-2021Paige Massie1st Team 

Lyndee Ward2nd Team 

Samantha Burnett3rd Team 

Isabelle MundyHonorable Mention 

Breanna ChambersHonorable Mention 

Samantha BurnettAll Academic 

Hannah MathiasAll Academic 

Hailey ConnerAll Academic

Lyndsey WardAll Academic

Isabelle MundyAll Academic
2019-2020Lea Pessell1st Team 

Paige Massie2nd Team

Caiti Cramer3rd Team 

Samantha Burnett Honorable Mention 

Lyndee WardHonorable Mention 

Caity CramerAll Academic

Lea Pessell All Academic
2018-2019Victoria Green1st Team 

Sydney Ramsey1st Team 

Lea Pessell 3rd Team 

Samantha BurnettHonorable Mention 

Samantha WatkinsHonorable Mention 

Victoria GreenAll Academic 

Mallory LavegliaAll Academic

Megan MockAll Academic

Sydney RamseyAll Academic

Samantha WatkinsAll Academic
2017-2018Sydney Ramsey1st Team 

Victoria Green2nd Team 

Samantha WatkinsHonorable Mention 

Caity CramerHonorable Mention 
2016-2017Tori Green3rd Team 

Lexie FretzHonorable Mention 

Sydney RamseyHonorable Mention 

Logan WardAll Academic

Haley KiefferAll Academic

Alexandra MetcalfeAll Academic

Lexie FretzAll Academic
2015-2016Tori Green3rd Team

Lexie FretzHonorable Mention 

Alexandra MetcalfeHonorable Mention 
2014-2015Abbie Dauterman 1st Team 

Molly Glick 2nd Team 

Haley Kieffer Honorable Mention 

Brooke LoveHonorable Mention 

Abbie DautermanAll Academic 

Molly GlickAll Academic

Hailey GinneverAll Academic

Maddie MockAll Academic

Lizzie CowardAll Academic
2013-2014Abbie Dauterman 2nd Team

Madeline Ramsey3rd Team 

Courtney Cramer Honorable Mention 

Molly Glick Honorable Mention 

Alisha BairdAll Academic 

Courtney CramerAll Academic

Rebecca KirianAll Academic

Julia PinaAll Academic
2012-2013Madison Stuby2nd Team 

Madeline Ramsey 3rd Team 

Regina FoxHonorable Mention 

Lauren ConineAll Academic

Regina FoxAll Academic

Madison StubyAll Academic

Lauren WardAll Academic
2011-2012Madeline Ramsey Honorable Mention 

Regina FoxHonorable Mention 

Shannon MosesAll Academic
2010-2011Rachelle Palmer3rd Team 

Allie Dauterman Honorable Mention 

Madison StubyHonorable Mention 

Allie DautermanAll Academic

Rachelle PalmerAll Academic

Anna SopherAll Academic

Mandy MinardAll Academic
2009-2010Courtney Garcia1st Team 

Miranda RidenourHonorable Mention 

Miranda PalmerHonorable Mention 
2008-2009Nicole KelbleyHonorable Mention 

Rachelle Palmer Honorable Mention 
2005-2006Katie Sopher2nd Team 
2002-2003Katie Risner3rd Team

Cassie CottonHonorable Mention
2001-2002Mackenzie Cooper1st Team 
1999-2000Laura Cornell1st Team 

Stephanie Myers2nd Team 
1998-1999Laura Cornell1st Team 

Kelly Abbott2nd Team 
1997-1998Allison Smith1st Team 

Lori Conine2nd Team 
1996-1997Sara May1st Team 

Lori Conine1st Team

Allison SmithHonorable Mention
1995-1996Lori Conine2nd Team 

Sara May3rd Team

Allsion SmithHonorable Mention

Sarah StephensHonorable Mention
1994-1995Barb KirianPlayer of the Year

Barb Kirian1st Team

Brooke Tong2nd Team 

Sara MayHonorable Mention

Sarah StephensHonorable Mention
1993-1994Brooke Tong1st Team 

Mylane HooverCoach of the Year
1991-1992Lori Clouse1st Team 

Shauna Bishop2nd Team 

Karla Holman 3rd Team 

Dawn BooneHonorable Mention 

Amy FrankartHonorable Mention 

Mylane HooverCoach of the Year
1990-1991Lori Clouse1st Team 

Heather Mellott2nd Team 

Shauna BishopHonorable Mention 

Nicole KiefferHonorable Mention 
1989-1990Colleen Silverwood1st Team 
1987-1988Kelly Holman1st Team 

Erika Hitchings2nd Team
1986-1987Kelly Holman1st Team 

Erika Hitchings2nd Team 
1985-1986Cindy Schilt 1st Team 
1983-1984Tammy Roberts2nd Team 
1982-1983Joni Abbott1st Team 
1981-1982Dyana Kuhlman1st Team 

Kelly Diebley1st Team 
1980-1981Simone Kuhlman1st Team

Dyana Kuhlman1st Team

Cathie Hitchings2nd Team

Joni AbbottHonorable Mention

Melinda MarvinHonorable Mention

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