School YearAthleteAward
2022-2023Adam Emerich1st Team

Zach StewartHonorable Mention

Preston SnokeHonorable Mention
2021-2022Collin Yoakam2nd Team

Adam EmerichHonorable Mention

Zachary StewartHonorable Mention
2020-2021Kaidn Scott1st Team

Ethan SmarrHonorable Mention

Adam EmerichHonorable Mention
2019-2020Hayden RaderAll Academic
2018-2019Eli Palmer2nd Team

Kaidn ScottHonorable Mention

Dom GuillenHonorable Mention

Luke MetzgerAll Academic

Eli PalmerAll Academic
2017-2018Tristan Martinez2nd Team

Eli PalmerHonorable Mention

Kaidn ScottHonorable Mention
2016-2017Alex Pessell1st Team

Eli PalmerHonorable Mention

Tristan MartinezHonorable Mention

Alex PessellAll Academic

Ethan BoesAll Academic
2015-2016Chad Baker1st Team

Garrett Enders2nd Team

Alex PessellHonorable Mention

Tristan LoveHonorable Mention

Chad BakerAll Academic
2014-2015AJ Lentz2nd Team

Chad BakerHonorable Mention

Garrett EndersHonorable Mention

Dylan Conine All Academic

Hayden RamseyAll Academic
2013-2014Hayden Ramsey1st Team

Chad Baker2nd Team

Sawyer KiefferHonorable Mention

Dylan ConineHonorable Mention

Sawyer KiefferAll Academic

Miles MondayAll Academic

Bobby VeraAll Academic
2011-2012Casey Mock1st Team

Trevor Colman2nd Team

Garrett SchlingHonorable Mention

Johnston BairdHonorable Mention

Grant BakerAll Academic

Johnston BairdAll Academic
2010-2011Johnston Baird2nd Team

Trevor ColmanHonorable Mention

Lucas HuntleyHonorable Mention
2009-2010Julian Pina1st Team

Jake MetzgerHonorable Mention

Jordan DuncanHonorable Mention

Anthony ElchertAll Academic

Jordan DuncanAll Academic
1997-1998Rob Ellis1st Team
1996-1997Rob Ellis1st Team
1995-1996Rob Ellis2nd Team

Jerry GostnellHonorable Mention

Bret ColmanHonorable Mention

Eric SmarrHonorable Mention
1993-1994Aaron Geckle2nd Team

Adam MockHonorable Mention

Jeff AdamsHonorable Mention

Jason BaughmanHonorable Mention

Geoff ShmidtHonorable Mention
1991-1992Tyler Good2nd Team 

Jeremy BaughmanHonorable Mention 
1990-1991Chad MockBVC Player of the Year

Scott PhilippCoach of the Year
1988-1989Eric VackertBVC Player of the Year

Eric Vackert1st Team

Brett Frakes1st Team

Chad Mock2nd Team
1987-1988Eric Vackert1st Team

Jay Newman2nd Team

Mike BulkowskiHonorable Mention

Jeremy BooneHonorable Mention
1986-1987Tony Good1st Team

Craig Risner2nd Team

Eric VackertHonorable Mention

Mike WilliamsHonorable Mention
1985-1986Tony Good1st Team
1983-1984Brad Lewis2nd Team

Tony GoodHonorable Mention

Brad SpoonHonorable Mention
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