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Arcadia Local Schools 5 Day School Week Starting Oct 12th

Arcadia Local Schools will be starting everyday instruction at school for all students starting Oct. 12th.  As we move forward our district will utilize local and area data to determine the type of instruction that occurs for Arcadia students.  There are several other county schools that will also be shifting to 4 or 5 days, all in over the next several weeks.  We are all working with the county health department to make this adjustment to provide a safe learning environment while increasing instructional time for students. The goal of this change is to base Arcadia’s instructional options on Arcadia’s data.  This will require the Arcadia Schools Community to continue making responsible decisions about keeping students home when they are sick and limiting exposure from outside our community.  
Local trends and data that will be used in determining Arcadia’s instructional options include, but are not limited to:
  1. Positive test results for students and staff
  2. Number of quarantine staff and students and reason for quarantine
  3. Daily attendance and number of students out due to flu like symptoms (possible COVID)
  4. Millstream data
  5. Neighboring districts data
  6. County trends
  7. Local community trends
If we need to go to all online instruction, you will be given advanced notice using the phone system and the website before the change occurs.  This will allow students, staff and parents to prepare and plan for an initial shift to all online instruction to help break the cycle of spreading the illness.  Because COVID and Flu symptoms are very similar, and understanding that COVID can be asymptomatic, we feel that an online instructional option to stop the spread is the best option to reduce contact with other people.
Please keep in mind, with all our students here at the same time, it will be very difficult and sometimes even impossible to social distance.  Because of this, we will be forced to rely even more heavily on the need to wash hands, use sanitizer and wear a mask. We thank you for your vigilance leading up to this point, which has given us the opportunity to come back 5 days. We ask for your continued work to help reduce the possibility we will have to change from this model moving forward. We thank you in advance for all your support and encouragement of our young ones to do just that.
Thank you,
Arcadia School Re-Opening Team
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Arcadia Board of Education
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