6th Grade

6th Grade

Homework News


Parents and Guardians, homework is being posted using the Remind app service. Most parents/guardians have already signed up using this, please let us know if you need more information.
 Weekly assignments: Students will have a spelling packet given on Monday which will include a minimum of two spelling ptices and a maximum of three, these will be due each week. WOW also given on Monday and due on Wednesdays.
Physical Education: Students are required to bring gym clothes to change on their scheduled PE days. Mr. Uitto's days are Monday and Wednesday and Mrs. Prater's are Tuesday and Thursdays.  Several students are still forgetting to bring their gym clothes and change.  

Reminder homework should not be more than sixty minutes per night. The National PTA recommendations fall in line with general guidelines suggested by researcher Harris Cooper: 10-20 minutes per night in the first grade, and an additional 10 minutes per grade level thereafter (e.g., 20 minutes for second grade, 60 minutes for sixth) as according to National Education Association.

*Reading needs to take place nightly for twenty minutes.

Rocking Reading News

Spelling News: Students will be given a spelling list, learn the spelling strategy, and will apply it throughout the week. Students will also be using the website: www.spellingcity.com to help them with their spelling.  Students will also be completing their final test using the Spellingcity app on the ipads in the classroom.

StudyIsland: Students will be expected to complete weekly assignments using www.studyisland.com, these can be completed in class or at home.  
Students are expected to read nightly to meet their monthly Accelerated Reader goal, which is based on their independent reading ability. 


Students are reviewing using Go Math!



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Accessing Grades On-Line

To follow your student’s progress in sixth grade online, visit the Arcadia school web site and under the Parent Resources section, click on the line for Progress Book. If you forget your password, contact Gregg McKee, Arcadia Local Schools tech coordinator for a new password.

 Looking for extra practice for your child?
  • www.studyisland.com is a great tool to have your child practice skills that are currently being taught in the classroom.
  • www.spellingcity.com is also another great way to encourage your child to practice spelling.
  • www.freerice.com is a fun website for students to help out a third world country while increasing their vocabulary!
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