Mrs Maag

Mrs Maag

Mrs. Lisa Maag

Mrs. Lisa Maag
My name is Lisa Maag, I grew up in Fostoria and I currently live in Findlay with my husband of 7 years, Cory, and our son, Brody, who turned 1 in June.  I graduated from BGSU and WGU with degrees in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.  My interests include sports (GO BLUE!!), reading, being with family and friends, vacationing, and TEACHING!!!  I have been teaching at Arcadia now for 6 years.  I taught 2nd grade alongside the amazing Mrs. Holman for the previous 5 years and this year I am transitioning to Special Education.  I am very excited and eager for this new challenge and experience!!!  


Here are a few friendly reminders from the Elementary Resource Room:

Read, read, read!  Make sure your child is reading EVERY night (weekends too!).  Have your child read to you and you read to your child.  Your child should be bringing books home from school but if not, read from books at home or visit your library.  Be sure that you and your child are choosing developmentally appropriate books.  Don't be afraid to read the same book over and over, this builds fluency skills.  Make sure your child has access to a variety of reading materials; such as, magazines, books, newspapers, and comic books!

Study, study, study!  Students will be asked to practice skills such as letter names, letter sounds, sight words, numbers, and math facts.  Please practice these skills on a nightly basis.  Mix things up a bit by creating games with the skills to be practiced, such as bingo or basketball. 

Communicate!  Communication is important at the beginning of the year to establish routines and information but is important as the year continues as well.  Teachers will consistently communicate your child's progress and well as additional information.  Please return the communication with the teacher, especially if you have concerns or need help with your child's skills. 

Integrate technology! Let your child explore with the growing technology world - in an educational way!  There are TONS of educational computer programs that target skills your child will be working on in school.  The computer programs are fantastic ways to practice these skills at home.  Don't forget about the growing trend of devices such as Kindles.  What a great way to get the older children into reading!  Download books they are reading in school or ask your child's teacher for a recommended list of books for their grade or reading level.  

Here are some educational websites: 


Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education - Bowling Green State University 2008

Master of Arts in Intervention Specialist Education K-12 - Western Governors University 2010

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